Meritus Corp Rebranding

District Management Services was founded by Mr. Brian Lamb in 2004. Back then, as Mr. Lamb assessed the current condition of Florida’s Community Development District industry, he realized that District Management Services could apply a desirable professional code of conduct to the business; one that would strive to provide exemplary customer service, respect, and perform with the utmost integrity for all of its clients.  From the beginning, Mr. Lamb made it a priority to engage highly qualified individuals with vast experience in the industry.  Bringing together the best talent and working  as a team, District Management Services  has achieved these goals and prospered ever since.  

His vision  never wavered  and in 2005 he  took those same core qualities and expanded into multiple areas of the real estate industry creating Meritus Corp.  Over the years,  Mr. Lamb’s business has grown to manage community associations, build energy efficient dwellings, offer specialized engineering services, deliver competitive home sale / leasing options, provide capital financing guidance and build affordable housing for our wounded military service members.  However, because these skills and products were all under different entities, each with their respective logo and individualized name, it was never apparent to our customers what the strength and depth of services Meritus Corp as a whole can provide. 

In  May of 2013, Mr. Lamb decided to change  our name to better reflect the different facets and expertise of our business, and thus bring them all formally under the one Meritus umbrella.  Today, we realize that direction as we become Meritus Communities.  Note that Meritus Communities will continue to provide the same professional and comprehensive real estate solutions, yet now with the strength of the whole - adding another level of “one-stop service” not typically seen in many local management companies. 

When you partner with Meritus Communities, know that you are working with a company that provides impeccable service throughout whether it is district or association management, construction services, sustainable homes, development services, real estate sales/leasing or capital management.

Our team is committed to excellence and dedicated to providing you “Solutions for Better Communities.”